The Truth

The findings of the independent panel’s enquiry into the events surrounding the Hillsborough disaster, the subsequent police cover up and media collusion have provoked a storm of emotions.

There is so much to take in at once and so everyone has their own reaction to what is a landmark day that many feared would never come.


One of the most immediate, striking aspects of the whole shameful episode though is the cynicism and the calculated contempt shown by police, politicians and some journalists at the time.


The more you dwell on what they did, what they failed to do, and how they chose their sides and drew their battle lines from the start, the more it underlines the fact that there has been a class war raging for a long time in this country. And sadly the working class are losing.


Today marks one victory though, one that pours shame on everyone involved in failing to protect the lives of those 96 ordinary citizens, and shame on everyone who not only shielded the guilty from taking responsibility but actively shifted the blame onto the innocent victims. Because that’s what they were, a fact that is thankfully official now, so the insidious ‘surely some share of the blame’ merchants, blinded by football partisanship and deceived by the horrible campaign of water-muddying from some sections of the media, can be silenced once and for all.


There are no grey areas.


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