Some Ace Podcasts

Some time off work means updates aplenty – to make up for most weeks when we are lucky if there’s even one to coincide with an Everton game.

All football and no, well, anything else, makes Jack or indeed Jill a dull boy or girl, so here is something completely different: a small selection of This Is Not Football’s most favouritest podcasts.

First up are two staples, the Spoilt Victorian Child Podcast and Bernie Connor’s Sound of Music. Bernie’s has more talking in between records –SVC keeps himself all mysterious and enigmatic – but both pick consistently great tunes and you will be constantly inspired to check out the track listings and download more tracks from their featured artists.

Absolutely marvellous, both of them, and there’s surely no better way to discover new music. As in stuff you’ve not heard before, not the latest from Skrillex – that would be shit.

Next is a rather better known podcast called WTF with Marc Maron. Every week the titular host interviews someone from the world of comedy for an hour or so. It’s mostly American stand-ups but there have also been comedy actors and the occasional musician too. Maron is often the star of the show though – not because he is overbearing but because he is such a brilliant interviewer. Clean and sober for years now, he has done tons of therapy and rehab and as a result his empathy and understanding of the interviewees’ mental and emotional states borders on supernatural. There are times when he will casually explain what he sees as their motivations at some time or other and they will be stopped dead in their tracks. ‘Gee, I’ve never really thought about it like that before,’ is not an uncommon reaction.

It can be quite wordy and self-indulgent at times, and if you have no interest in comedy and its neurotic practitioners then swerve it completely. There are loads of old episodes on iTunes but two that immediately spring to mind as crackers are the one with Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips and another with Big Bob Odenkirk, just for his stories about when he worked chauffeuring hookers around New York.

Another that’s ostensibly a comedy podcast but isn’t particularly funny, and yet is vital listening, is Moment of Clarity with Lee Camp. Don’t listen to it if you work in banking, arms manufacture or are simply a member of the Bildenberg elite. This man is fucking furious at the state of the world and the fuckers who are fucking it up for every other fucker. His opening rants reach such crescendos of incredulous anger that you almost fear for his mental health. Not always particularly hilarious then, but always informative, eye-opening and just ever-so-slightly depressing.

We probably could have done a better job on selling that last one.

Finally, the New York Times Book Review podcast is perfect for when you want a a change of pace and to feel a little bit more cerebral. As the title suggests there are interviews with top authors as well as reviews of the latest releases and news from the publishing industry. Let’s face it, few of us have time to read massive tomes about the American Civil War or medical pioneers, say, no matter how great they are, but it’s interesting to hear them condensed and discussed for a couple of minutes on a super-smart podcast like this.

5 thoughts on “Some Ace Podcasts

  1. spoilt victorian childs ‘walking with the big dogs’ tunes on mixcloud is the ideal listening material for playing nice and loud on the veranda to piss the neighbours off, as you go through the Sunday papers and some MasterKush.

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