Everton Miscellany Competition

Wotcha, lids, lidettes and even your young lidls.

We have three copies of the 2012 updated edition of the Everton Miscellany to give away.

If you want it as a ‘stocking filler’ for someone then you can even have it signed and a message in it for them – before you get too excited though, it will be by the writer and and not Kevin Sheedy.

If you still want to enter, just send an email to markobrien1971@yahoo.co.uk with ‘competition’ in the subject header. We could pose some pointless question but we are all old enough and wise enough to cut to the chase and accept that the winners will be picked at random instead.

Competition closes at 5pm on Friday. Don’t be a nuisance and email after that.

4 thoughts on “Everton Miscellany Competition

  1. Talking of ‘lids’, just been to Miami and there’s a sports shop there called Lids that largely sells baseball caps…amused me anyway

  2. I have figured out some considerations through your blog post post. One other thing I would like to mention is that there are lots of games in the marketplace designed specially for preschool age small children. They contain pattern acknowledgement, colors, dogs, and patterns. These usually focus on familiarization instead of memorization. This keeps children occupied without experiencing like they are studying. Thanks

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