10 Search Terms

If like us you are a top SEO expert then you will already know that in the admin bit of your website you can see the terms that people have entered into search engines in order to get to your site. A quick sift through all the ‘Everton’ and ‘football’ ones for This Is Not Football reveals some quite specific results, including:

1. where do liverpool footballers eat before home match meal

2. whats it called in football when they get a goal but it’s dissallowed because they were ahead of the ball

3. david moyes get the piss take out of him

4. episode 3 being liverpool. a man tells a poem about supporting liverpool from an early age

5. his knees – they are very hairy

6. whats the lyrics to roy chubby brown’s the back scuttle

7. is rugby of football bigger in wigan

8. manchester united who are they playing today why monday play

9. casual knobheads

10. runcorn wool

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