Happy New Year


WordPress have sent us a little report about how the website has grown in popularity over the year, and in typical style we’ve tried to undermine all that by not updating it over the holiday period.

Normal ‘service’ will be resumed when there just aren’t so many effing games to try and write about in such a short space of time. Made doubly hard by work and a succession of crippling hangovers.

We’d like to announce a load of exciting new developments and features in the new year, but to be honest we will probably get round to a couple of interviews we keep meaning to do but other than that it’s going to be much the same guff as this year.

Anyway, a big thankyou to everyone who has read TINF, commented, retweeted it, spread it to their mates and generally been good eggs all round and made it enjoyable to do – it’s greatly appreciated.

Have a marvelous 2014, and in the words of Neil from The Young Ones: Boomshanka, may the seed of your loins be fruitful in the belly of your woman.

And up the Toffees, naturally.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Spare a thought for those left behind, the massacred few when you cast aside a generation of social interactions through your own personal crusade of selfishness. At least Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin had their ideologies, you closed down the WSAG message board for far more sinister reasons. You should never be forgiven for that piece of cyber terrorism, you have the blood of hundreds of usernames on your hands. How about those who never did find the respawned discussion forums, have a think about what you have done to their mental well being. You are like a Tory minister, not thinking about the society as a whole and doing your best to only look after your own mates, where’s the apology Mark? If it was up to me you’d be sharing a cell with Watkins AND Harris.

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