Bit of an update

As you can probably tell, the website looks a little bit different than it has for a while.

Essentially it wasn’t really a problem whizzing photos off the newspaper sites when no one saw them, but as it’s got a bit more popular it was perhaps inevitable that eventually the people who own the rights to the pictures might ask for some money.

Folks love money.

Clearly they’re not getting any, so the photos of the Premier League games have to go. The old ‘theme’ that the website used – stop us if we are getting too technical – required a big picture with every story. We could have used non-football ones for the previews but the match reports would have looked weird and it would have just got boring looking for a new photo that’s vaguely relevant every time we wanted to post something. So while we are looking for one that’s not so reliant on photos but still looks vaguely modern and ‘clean’ the look of the site might change a few times until we settle on something satisfactory.

It’s a bit of a shame as we really liked the old one but as they say, challenges and opportunities and all that. In the spirit that getting beat 4-0 by Liverpool will only make us bounce back stronger, without the need to find and shape a photo for every piece on this site it might be easier to do shorter but more frequent updates rather than just hanging on and doing a couple of long ones each week. Whether that would actually constitute an improvement only time will tell.

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