A Hazy Shade of Jeff Winter

Why do disappointing rappers incur far more ire than the countless dull rock and indy bands at Glastonbury?

And to paraphrase the greatest Viz letter ever, how come it’s ok for Kanye to scream ‘the N word’ over and over, but when I do it once watching my son’s under-nines team I am the worst in the world? Once again it’s one rule for the rich…

And does Michael Eavis’s neighbour have a helpful sign declaring ‘We’re not Worthy’?

Finally, is it better to stand through the album tracks of some ‘genuine’ guitar band or to be off your head having a great time dancing to Deadmau5, even though it’s very possibly a CD playing and the fella wearing the helmet is just some young lad on a YOP scheme?

Everton have signed Gerard Deulofeu as well, which has been generally received rather positively at chez Goodison. He was in and out in his original loan season with the Blues, but he undoubtedly had ‘something’. He can be frustrating, certainly, but it’s hard to think of many players who created such a buzz when coming on as a substitute, especially against teams who where getting ragged after 70 minutes of trying to break down our tortuous triangles of passing around midfield and defence.

It will be interesting to see how the Toffees start next season – whether they will stick with the slightly more direct style that seemed to be more or less imposed on Roberto Martinez by fans and players alike, or whether he will use the summer to revisit his preferred method of turning matches into the Tour de France? I.e. The vast majority of the contest grinding through the rehearsed motions capped off by a mental dash down the Champs Elysees.

In turn it will also be intriguing how Martinez plans to utilise the Spanish Doyle off Grange Hill. Is he destined to never be more than an ‘impact sub’ – as opposed to an non-impact one? Hi Aidan! – or is he capable of consistently producing 90 minute performances? Aaron Lennon certainly set the bar pretty high in terms of wingers’ work rate last season, and judging by the Sevilla manager’s attitude to him last season, Deulofeu still has some growing up to do in that regard.

Obviously it still remains to be seen what’s going to happen about Lennon himself. Will he end back at Everton, where he was one of the few genuine successes of last season? Spurs appear to want Kevin Mirallas still, and given how his relationship with Martinez broke down after that West Brom penalty farce you wouldn’t see us standing in his way. You would think that a mutually beneficial deal there seems eminently workable then. But hey, this is football. Lennon will probably end up at West Ham and Mirallas in Turkey.

All our other decent players are being linked with moves elsewhere, obviously. At last count, Romelu Lukaku is a cert to sign for Roma, Seamus Coleman is getting a Red Devil tattooed on his calf as we speak and John Stones is pure Chelsea loyal.

Finally, what’s going on with all this Echo malarkey? It just seems weird in this day and age, where there is so much media coverage, so much – dirty word this – ‘content’ out there, as well as endless opportunities to create your own, that there are still campaigns demanding that one particular outlet should share your world view.

Who fucking cares what The Echo think, basically?

2 thoughts on “A Hazy Shade of Jeff Winter

  1. Rightly or wrongly, The Echo is the local paper and i think they should be supportedif it helps gets back to the standards of Ric George and his ilk. If however they just carry on as they are, then they might just as well move to Singapore and run constant stories about The Beatles and The Shite.

  2. Karn-yay as the encore demand ers would have it, played a very Everton gig, as it goes. He was brilliant for twenty minutes but didn’t score, then it just meandered aimlessly across his lighting rig for 40 minutes, before that frankly embarrassing vocoder shit that had nothing to do with anything, like Mcgeady coming on, with no idea what he was doing. The queen bit was an embarrassment as well, mirralas probably inexplicably took the mic there off of Mary j blige.

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