Friday Night Shites

Bit unfair that title, but if they go and win against Crystal Palace we won’t be able to use it.

Th’Eagles have started the season pretty well – as have Everton apart from the last couple of games, lest we forget – as Alan Pardew once again shows that he actually might not be that bad a coach, even if it goes against the grain to admit it. Fuck it, we’ve refused to put the boot into both Joey Barton and Sam Allardyce this week – we might as well go for the Unholy Trinity here.

Barton himself says he had the same preconceptions about Pardew as everyone does, but was surprised by how down to earth he is and ended up considering him one of the better managers he worked under. If you ever listen to Graham ‘I know Pep Guardiola’ Hunter’s Big Interview podcast then you may have been surprised slightly by the Pardew one a while ago as the silver fox came across well when he talked about his early career grafting on the sites as a glazer while playing non-league.

Plus, him trying to stick the head on David Myler is still one of the greatest moments in modern football.

If the Telegraph haven’t got footage of Pardew reciting a saucy limerick about Bert Millichip then he must be one of the favourites for the vacant England manager’s job. Just like Sam Allardyce, it’s essentially going to be his turn sooner or later.

Going back to the Big Interview, it’s pretty essential listening, and fair play to Hunter for getting some interesting people on it. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was the last one, and if you listened to it you can imagine his reaction to being caught in this latest sting was a really deep, Dutch ‘fuuuucckkkkkinnnng hell’. It will make sense when you hear him interviewed.

The only real gripe with the podcast is that Hunter’s enthusiasm leads him to over-intellectualise and try and lead his guests down the same avenues every week, namely: modern British football isn’t as good as it used to be because the kids have got it too easy, and how were you influenced by Pep’s Barcelona? It was great when Gordon Strachan pushed back on the ‘where are the street footballers with all the skills?’ line that was being pushed to state that modern players do incredible things with the ball that Strachan never even imagined, never mind tried in a game.

Another good podcast, if you like boxing that is, is a relatively new one called Fight Disciples. Hosted by Nick Peet and Adam Catterall it’s recorded in Liverpool and so has quite a heavy slant towards North West fighters. It also has quite a lot about UFC hamster-fighting too, but you can always fast forward past them bits.

While we’re on a podcast roll, for lovers of non-mainstream cinema, Streampunk is out every couple of weeks and discusses cult films that are available on streaming services. It’s great for finding stuff to watch when you are doing that thing where you lie on the couch, hypnotised, scrolling through Netflix for 20 minutes before just rewatching six episodes of Arrested Development, and often recommends some little belters that you would otherwise miss. It’s dead good.

Right, well, we started this last week on the train and forgot to publish it because we got rotten in London, quite frankly. In the meantime, Everton were in fact last against Palace and so the title stays. The half-day debauchery of the Friday night footy was a success, like, but the game completed a disappointing trifecta of matches before yet another of these interminable international breaks. Romeu Lukaku scored a free-kick to put us ahead but Christian Benteke’s header after the break put them level before they had another apparently perfectly good goal disallowed.

Everton were poor again though, creating very little going forward, with Ronald Koeman seemingly unconvinced by the majority of the attackers on the books, judging by the way he keeps adjusting the line-up.

Anyway, there’s a follow up Louis Theroux documentary about Jimmy Savile on, so we’ll knock this on the head round about here.

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Shites

    1. WTF…have all the crank commenters got to you lad ?….nowt on match
      You probably went to that Doctor Everton fellas do and got bladdered on the free wine, and then missed the game cos you were still hungover days later. And still thinking about how u could eulogise about an event in a cathedral with Gareth Farrelly, and Andy ‘I USED to be …… now In Tory Britain I am accepted again ‘cos lets face it …….I made a few bob out of it’ ….FACE
      Then just thought fuck it, I’ll just give podcast reviews and stuff.
      (I watched it on Jarg TV too BTW)…..but that Savile stuff…….

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