25 July 2021 (actually)

Just watched some kid from Doncaster lose narrowly in the taekwondo final. It’s boss. Starts out in the first round as Enter The Dragon. By the time they finish the third, shattered, it’s more like Exit The Bow and Arrow.

Turns out the Corona Cup is in Orlando, not Miami. Good job I never went. I can see us on South Beach: ‘Alright lad. Lad? Where’s the ground, kid? What? The Blues. No, I’m not from fucking Australia. Sake. Don’t mess about. Where are the Toffees playing? Toffees. Tricky Toffees? No? Fuck sake, who do you reckon will know? Can you get the internet on your phone there? Go ‘ead. When are they playing? In about 15 minutes mate. We’ve just been in that alehouse over there on the corner. It’s where? Orlando? How much in a Joe from here do you reckon mate?’