30 July 2021 (damp)

I keep hearing people saying the weather is biblical. There’s one flood in that bible, across both books, the rest of the time the sun’s cracking the fucking flags.

There’s not going to be a new series of X Factor either. Which is disappointing, only for the fact that you will no longer get to see the mixture of confusion, disappointment and fake elation on the faces of a load of teenagers around a pool in Marbella when they find out they are being mentored not by Beyonce or Pharrel Williams, but by Sinitta.

Genuine elation comes in the news that Seamus Coleman has extended his contract with Everton to 2023. There seems to be a real rush to write the Blues’ captain off, but we still play better when he plays – he makes things happen. The plan, you would think, is that he is seen more as back up to someone like ‘double D’, big Denzel Dumfries, if we finally do a deadline deal for the dynamic Dutch defender. But you know when called upon Coleman will give everything, and you kind of imagine that he’s also one of those ‘great around the dressing room’ fellas. 

Rafael Benitez says he wants more leaders, which 100% has been something Everton have consistently lacked, and Coleman definitely fits the mould.

Nowadays we’re all a bit jaded and sceptical about footballers and their motivations. Coleman is literally one of the last remaining fellas who you believe when he speaks.