Despite trying your utmost to not get drawn into the new manager speculation at Everton, well, you can’t, can you?

‘Monkey-Tennis isn’t even a real name, what are you even on about, Farhad?’

Because it’s mid-season and the club’s whole image is at such a low – ‘Did you know, Everton can’t actually sweat?’ – the pool we are fishing in seems limited to the avaricious and the available. 

The one who seems to be getting most ‘traction’ – today, anyway – is Vitor Pereira, with rumours of a deal to the end of the season. 

That seems quite the gamble, to put it mildly.

Again, caveat all of this with ‘if true, of course’.

Pereira might be a fabulous coach – you can easily imagine him qualifying some West African team to a World Cup and then getting sacked when they don’t get out of the group stages. But seriously now, we’ve said it before, you can look at the record of almost any candidate and find a reason to dismiss them if you want to.

What had Pep Guardiola done at the top level before he got the Barcelona first-team job?

Would you have Mikel Arteta this week?

Would you have had Graham Potter a couple of seasons ago? What about now?

How about Eddie Howe?

David Moyes? Went Ham miracle worker or Manchester United joke figure?

Claudio Ranieri? The only manager who has actually done what Everton fans want to see happen at Goodison. 

So Perreira’s inconsistent employment record may disguise the fact that he’s a brilliant coach – we don’t know.

It’s just the timing that feels off. And this is rather ironic, but it feels like Everton need to think short-term for now.

This squad needs to win some league games and ensure Premier League survival this season. Then the summer is the time to start defining the parameters of a longer term ‘project’. This squad is only going to do that by working hard. There’s more than enough talent there to do that – to simply match the form of the likes of Watford, Norwich, Newcastle and Burnley for the remaining games. These teams are all absolutely shite, remember.

If the Blues graft like they did on Saturday and show the intensity that they did in the second half then they will manage that easily. So if the players are willing to run for Duncan Ferguson and Leighton Baines, why introduce some other variable into the mix? It feels like all risk with little ‘upside’.

Ferguson seems really popular with the squad – which maybe isn’t enough to entrust him with their long-term development – but it feels like exactly what’s required to dig us out of the present mess.

Bringing in an outsider – especially on a short-term deal – is essentially saying to the present incumbents you really don’t think they are up to it. How does the emotional impact on them affect the players who then have to build relationships and take on new ideas from yet more unfamiliar coaching staff? That seems like an unnecessary distraction, interfering with delicate chemistry, at such a critical time.

That’s how it feels from the outside looking in, anyway. 

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Curtis Jackson, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook, lad.