Jog On

Joey Barton is desperate to play for Everton.

An astute editor could make that statement more succinct and truthful by lopping off the last four words.

The Queens Park Rangers midfielder’s agent, Willie McKay, who grins as plants, trees and small birds wither and die in his wake, says that his client is willing to take a pay cut to come and play for the Blues.

How very fucking noble of him.

It’s funny how players who will accept a reduction in their annual salary always seem to be coming to the tail end of their careers. Except it’s not at all – funny, that is. The fact is that Barton will be looking for a deal which in total will add up to more than the remainder of the contract he has with the Super Hoops. Less per season, but over a longer term, so overall he ends up quids in with his future secured.

That’s not even greed, it’s just common sense. Dressing it up as philanthropy though is a bit saucy.

As for Everton, why do they need Barton? A one-paced shitbag with an appalling disciplinary record on the field and a long track-record for being an uttert gobshite off it. For the Blues it’s all risk for very little reward.

Just what has he done to deserve a place in the Everton team ahead of any of the current midfielders? Or, for that matter, ahead of any of the players we could recruit using the significant amount of cash it would take to pay his salary?

It’s a ridiculous idea and he has got some fucking neck even suggesting it.