The Everton Encyclopedia

We interviewed James Corbett a while ago, and he mentioned working on The Everton Encyclopedia as well as Neville Southall’s Binman Chronicles.

Well, it’s finished, printed and available to buy now and good lord it’s a thing of beauty. Genuinely, it is the definitive, last word in Everton reference books and an absolutely stunning thing to look at.

It covers absolutely everything about the club, with hundreds of extensive player profiles, countless brilliant photographs and sections dealing with pretty much every aspect of the club’s culture. If you don’t believe that then consider the fact that in the section about websites there is a reference to boycotting Little Chef.


For such a massive undertaking as this there must have been a temptation to just dump information in there at some points, but what makes The Everton Encyclopedia more than just the sum of the facts it contains is the amount of love and attention James has dedicated to bringing the stories to life. It’s full of the sort of opinion and insight that could only be provided by a genuine Evertonian and a brilliant writer.

We’re not in the habit of giving praise lightly or recommending shite, so believe us when we say that this is the best book ever written about Everton.

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